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Laser Hair Removal - ND YAG 

Consultation Required

Nd Yag laser is the newest technique of laser hair removal. Its biggest advantages are that it usually works well and more effective on all skin types, including tanned skin (type I to VI). This is something other types of lasers and IPL cannot do.

Many studies have shown that Nd Yag lasers are able to achieve significant delay before hair grows back and reduction in hair growth in the areas being treated. Nd Yag laser works best on dark and thick hair. Although it does not work on blonde, red and grey hair as there is no pigment in the colour of the hair.  Nd Yag laser is less effective with fine hair but some results can be achieved.

What is the difference between Nd Yag laser and IPL?

The Nd Yag laser penetrates deeper into the layers of skin to get to the hair follicle which IPL systems can not do. This makes the laser more effective at long term results than other IPL systems where you may find it works while you are having the treatments but grows back months after as it has only treated the surface hairs. The Nd Yag wavelength is 1064 nm, repletion rate up to 2HZ sot size 3-5 mm and fluence 20-100.


How will Nd Yag work on my hair growth?

All of our hairs do not grow at the same time if it did we would all have hair on our bodies everywhere then when it dies and fall out we would be bald everywhere. Each hair has its own growth cycle which takes up to 6 weeks. This is why laser hair removal has to be completed over a number of sessions and months.

Each laser session will heat up the hair follicle and destroy the active hair root stopping the hair from growing back. The hairs that have already died and detached from the hair follicle will not be affected.

For best results sessions will need to be booked in 4-6 weeks apart at the start of a course in till the hairs start to not grow back as quickly then depending on how long the hair takes to grow back and space the appointments according to this.

Every patient's hair growth will be different as our hair does not all grow at the same rate and medical or hormonal conditions can affect this (e.g. PCOS, Menopause and Hirsutism).

How many treatments will I need?
Generally, patients will need between 6-12 treatments to achieve significant results and may still require top-up sessions afterwards as when ever active hair growth comes through you should book your session to get the best results from your laser hair removal.

Does it hurt?

All patients pain threshold is different some patients may find the procedure a little uncomfortable. The higher the tempter the more effective the treatment which will have an effect on the hair follicle and the skin as heat is being penetrated through the skin. Asian and skin with more melanin will not be able to use as higher tempter as skin types 1 & 2 because of the risks of the skin absorbing the laser and causing burning. A patch test is completed prior to treatment starting to determine which temper to use. A cooling machine which shoots out ice-cold air is applied to the skin before and during the treatment to cool skin and reduce redness and heat while the treatment is being performed.

Clients must be free from perfume, oils, make-up, deodorant and spray tan!!!

Hair must be shaved the night before to give the skin a chance to recover before the laser treatment. SPF must be applied daily to the areas being treated to prevent pigmentation.

Patch test

All patients must be 18+ and a full consultation and patch test must be performed before treatment can start. Some patients taking medication or have medical conditions may have to provide a medical note or may not be able to have the treatment.  Patch test takes 45 minutes.

Contra-indications for laser hair removal

⦁ Pregnancy/ 6 months after
⦁ Breastfeeding
⦁ Keloid scarring
⦁ Epilepsy
⦁ Tattoos in the area being treated
⦁ Medication which causes photosensitive
⦁ 2 weeks before a sun holiday & 2 weeks after  a sun holiday
⦁ Burns, lesions or open wounds in the area being treated
⦁ Recent beauty treatments in the area 2 weeks before & 2 weeks after laser treatment
⦁ Stop using retinol, glycolic and prescription products on area 5 days before



  • NO sunbeds, UV or holidays 2 weeks after

  • NO make-up 24hrs after other than Mineral make-up

  • NO heat treatments, sauna, swimming, gym or hot baths or showers for 48hrs 

  • NO beauty treatment in the area for 2 weeks 

  • NO applying strong tropical products in the area for 5 days

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